Are You Poisoning Your Pets and Your Family Video?

For most pet owners, their pet is a beloved family member.  But are you aware that you are accidentally poisoning your pet with one-spot flea & tick treatment and outdoor fertilizers?

Read the following links and forward them to your family, friends and neighbors to provide them information the Chemical Pet Industry doesn’t want you or them to know about.

Not only are you poisoning your pets but these toxic anti-parasite products have devastating effects on your children’s health too.

Watch this video from KNBC Joel Grover Investigation

How do YOU feel after watching this video?

How much do YOU care?

What are YOU going to do to help pets stop being treated with toxic chemical products?

 Safer products are available – products that will effectively protect pets from parasites, without negative consequences to their health.

Click here to learn more about a 100 % toxic–free product for safe and effective protection of your pet from fleas and ticks.


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    1. Post author

      Danny, PetZone Flea and Tick Protector is a small patch that adheres to your pet’s ID tag or collar. The patch protects your pet from ticks and fleas without pesticides, squeeze-on, sprays, or topical application of any kind! It is backed by scientific research and data and best of all, it’s made in the USA.

      Here is the product page. Be sure to click through all the tabs to learn all about it, and be sure to check our coupon page for occasional free shipping specials for U.S. shipping addresses:

  1. Kerry Jobin

    Even products recommended by vets will kill also! Our 1 year old, perfectly heathy dog has complete liver failer after taking trifexis, witch is only obtained through a vet. There are petitions to try to get it pulled off the market, and attempts to get a class action lawsuit. Thousands of dogs have died or been permanently maimed by this product. They should do a news story on this also.

  2. Josephine Testa

    I have known about these flea products for years and tell everyone at the dog park about parra-outta-site a holistic alternative, for fleas. No one listens but perhaps after watching this video they will. It is heartbreaking to loose a pet after using these products. I hope pet parents listen.

    1. Susan

      Hi, I tried finding the site you referred to on your blog call parra-outta-site, but was unable to find it for flea and tic alternatives.

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