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Keep your Pet's Gastrointestinal Tract in Check with Probiotics

Probiotics for humans have been all the rage lately, but we've recommended Natur's Way Pet Probiotics for YEARS! Why? Because they work!

If your pet is struggling with digestive imbalance, is under stress or is on a treatment course of antibiotics, you need a pet probiotic to maintain the proper amount of “good” bacteria in the gut!

A healthy digestive tract should contain around 400 species of microorganisms, that when working properly, form a protective barrier which stops pathogens from invading, thriving and wreaking havoc on your beloved pets' digestive system!

Antibiotics kill protective organisms. Take the natural approach and introduce probiotics into your pet's daily routine.

Why Natur's Way Pet Probiotics?

* Activates the Immune System
* Keeps Pathogens from Thriving in the Gastrointestinal Intestinal Tract (GIT)
* Provides Easy-to-Absorb Energy
* Made in the USA
* Company Specializes & Produces Probiotics ONLY
* They WORK!

If your pet is suffering from diarrhea, is sick or under stress, you must be his guardian and protect his gut from these threatening and uncomfortable illnesses! Discover why Natur's Way Pet Probiotics is the number one choice for both everyday stresses and major stresses. Learn more about the amazing benefits of Pet Probiotics by visiting our Natur's Way Product Page.

Our Line of Pet Probiotic:

** Comparison of MSE Pet Probiotics – Which One to Choose **

Natur's Way Daily Boost - A highly palatable dry probiotic supplement intended to keep healthy pets healthy. This product is intended for daily use and protects against everyday stresses.

Natur's Way Natural Defense - Natural Defense help control loose stools and diarrhea, which are often a symptom of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Irritable Bowel Disorder (IBD).

Natur's Way Natural Defense Soluble - Natural Defense Soluble was especially developed for finicky cats and dogs, and is a palatable probiotic for pets with allergies and other special needs.

Natur’s Way Scour-Aid Natural Diarrhea Treatment - Scour-aid works in both dogs and cats and controls diarrhea no matter whether it is viral, bacterial, or protozoan in origin.

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My name is Bree Weasner, and I’ve been bringing pet owners like you valuable information on pet nutrition and natural holistic alternatives to conventional pet care since 2001.

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