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Natural Heartworm Prevention Program

Heartworm Life CycleStarting at $17.65

Preventing and treating heartworm using any natural heartworm prevention alternative medicine and natural means is not as simple as swallowing a pill – whether or not this is a herbal or a synthetic pill. In order to protect your pet properly, there are a few steps that you need to take. However, these measures will also benefit your pet in many different ways and protect against a wide variety of illnesses.

Heartworm prevention requires a multi-faceted approach which includes not exposing your dog to mosquitoes as much as possible. We’ve been successful with a preventative program (along with the Flea Free Food Supplement, which provides protection against mosquitoes, flea, ticks and other pesky pests), but would not recommend this for dogs who are kept outside because they have increased exposure and are thus at higher risk. It is not recommended people go off their heartworm medications unless they agree to do so with their vet. There are plenty of alternative or holistic veterinarians for you to consult with.

If you are unable to locate a holistic vet in your immediately, you can search for one using the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association) directory. Many of these qualified holistic vets will work with your conventional vet, and even provide telephone consultations, if appropriate.

This Natural Heartworm Prevention Program may be used under veterinary supervision as an alternative to conventional treatment and prevention of heartworm or may be used together with the conventional treatment for further protection.

Another thing to consider is if you are in a climate area that has a winter and a period of time where there are no mosquitoes. Vets generally do not tell you to use heartworm medication at that time of the year. We still do the herbal program because Black Walnut is such a healthy supplement and the Artemisia helps keep our pups parasite free.

Please use wisdom and common sense in deciding whether the natural approach is for you and your pet family. Since the herbal way is less expensive than the drugs, please be sure you make the investment to have your dog tested annually.

In summary, the treatment and prevention of heartworm disease in dogs and cats is a complex subject which requires owners to be well informed about the risks and benefits of both conventional and alternative approaches. Whichever options you choose, following the guidelines above to ensure a healthy pet, with a strong and well functioning immune system, heart, liver and circulatory system can help to keep your animal free of heartworm and many other health problems.

The herbs used in this Natural Heartworm Prevention Program are from Nature’s Sunshine, due to their high quality. We cannot guarantee the same results using any other herbal brand.

For complete details and instructions, please click here to download the complete Natural Heartworm Prevention Program.

Additional individual heartworm prevention herbs may also be selected below! This Natural Heartworm Prevention Program does NOT include the Flea Free Food Supplement, which is a highly recommended companion to this program to help protect your pet from mosquitoes, the #1 cause of heartworm disease.  

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