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Fattening Up Skinny Dog

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Fattening Up Skinny Dog 

A question that is asked of us many times is why their dog just can't seem to gain weight. Just recently, we were contacted by an owner of a skinny dog who advised us that the dog had been checked out by the veterinarian and got a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, the dog never finishes her food, so what is a pet parent to do to fatten up their dog?

The dog is probably just a svelte dog that doesn't need to be fattened up. Yet, if you insist on trying to put a few pounds on her, these are some possible suggestions:

Add a vegetable enzyme such as Prozyme to her food to increase the amounts of nutrients absorbed into her body. (We also recommend Natur’s Way MSE Probiotic Supplements.) Feed her a high-quality puppy food, 3 or 4 times daily. If she is a small dog, add 1/8 tsp. of corn oil; for a large dog, add 1/2 tsp. of corn oil to each meal. Walk her up and down the steps, and give her lots of other exercise to get those muscles bulked up.

If you already feed some raw food to your dog, then you will definitely want to learn about Satin Balls Recipe, which will put weight on your healthy dog very quickly.

Please tell us your "skinny" story in the comments below. Something you say will surely help at least one other dog owner.

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