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Pet Sitters and Vacations

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Pet Sitter

So often, we are asked by concerned pet parents how to go about finding someone they can trust, to come into their homes while they go on vacation, to care for their precious pets. I’ve recently been asked, “We are going on vacation in mid-August and are apprehensive about leaving our two dogs, one cat, two gold fish and our old parakeet. Can you help us decide what to do?” My response? “I can see how traveling with this small menagerie would be difficult.” :-)

If you’re not fortunate enough to know of someone personally, a friend or colleague, then you’re faced with the daunting task of trying to find the best suitable individual that won’t allow your pets to turn your house upside down while you’re away. Naturally, this person must also stick to your rules when it comes to feeding, exercising, and even the most important, TLC.

First, you can call the two pet sitting associations NAPPS and PSI for a list of their members near you. These professionals are trained to care for pets in the home and know what to do in the event of an emergency. They will even water the plants and take in the mail. They are bonded and insured and have references available. Boarding is also an option.

Actually, there are very nice boarding facilities available. Make sure the facility is a member of the American Boarding Kennel Association and ask if you can peruse the establishment at any time other than the morning clean up. Some have rooms for special guests like your senior bird. Gold fish may be a new type of boarder for them but chances are they can take care of them as well. You can also ask them for references, including veterinarians in the area. Last, boarding at your family veterinarian is a good option. Ask the office staff to show you their facilities and go from there. Have a happy vacation.

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